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Photovoltaic flat roof tiles - a new era of renewable energy 2023-07-25

HQ Mount has developed an innovative roofing PV solution - flat photovoltaic roof tiles through special drainage design and supporting structural design, which can meet the architectural requirements of roof waterproofing while generating electrical energy for building use.

First of all, it has the following product features:

1. Integrated solar power generation roof design, full system solution;
2、Conforms to building system standards, easy to install;
3、The perfect combination of modern technology and traditional architecture, with a variety of colors to choose from;
4、It is possible to realize single independent dismantling and installation, which is convenient for later maintenance;

5, Replacing traditional cement and terra cotta tiles, lighter than half the weight of traditional tiles and several times stronger than ordinary tiles;

Secondly, flat roof photovoltaic tiles can replace a variety of roofing flat board tile types. It has a high degree of compatibility with the original building, which is another grand design of HQ Mount following the independent innovation of many kinds of solar mounts.

Currently we have applied for a patent for this product design, if you want to know more details about flat roof PV tiles, please feel free to contact us.
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