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The heat in IGEM, HQ MOUNT 2019-10-11

The heat in IGEM, HQ MOUNT

As a clean energy provider, HQ MOUNT hold on every chance to bring more sunshine to this world.

This time, we come to the 10th IGEM, which is the biggest energy exhibition in Malaysia.

Unlike other competitors, HQ MOUNT bring the full and serious solutions here.

With our full product, a lot of students, developer, even the top 5 EPC company in Malaysia doing their training sessions with HQ MOUNT products.

 Even as a 10 years training manager, they still learn things from HQ MOUNT’S engineers. We are not just helping generating the green energy, but also spreading the ideas.

With the thin sheet mental roof, HQ MOUNT team are thinking outside the box. With rooftop mounting solution:

1.Mini rail solution fastened to the C PURLIN,we also bring our design for the EU MARKET to help our customers for a better knowledge.

2.The L bracket, HQ MOUNT brings hollow and solid options with a new generation of structure design.

3.With seam clamp roof, HQ MOUNT offers both L bracket and no L bracket solutions.

4.Solutions for trapezoidal rooftop, klip lok, seam lock and kalzip solutions are almost completed with all the existing ideas, HQ MOUNT isn’t the best, but standing upon the best to DESIGN.

For Ground project, HQ MOUNT did a full comparation for our customers from single pole to double pole, Carbon steel to aluminum, Ground screw to Helical screw.

As the LSS3 coming soon, a lot of bidder are asking opinions from HQ MOUNT with solutions, quotations and samples.

For the last day, we sincerely inviting you to visit us with fresh ideas.


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